covestro collaboration to advance sustainable urbanization-2024欧洲杯官网

the chemical industry plays an essential role in sustainable urbanization and undertakes many important objectives such as improving living standards. covestro urges collaboration to advance sustainable urbanization across the value cycle.
covestro actively advocates for sustainability

as an industry relying heavily on resources and energy, the chemical industry should give consideration to the harmony between its own development and the environment. china’s urbanization is continuously boosting new market spaces and providing more and more growth opportunities for the chinese chemical industry.

as one of the world’s largest polymer companies, covestro has been actively advocating collaboration across the chemical industry’s value cycle to improve the competitiveness of the chemical companies and the whole industry as well as support the sustainable development of our society and environment.

the value cycle as defined by covestro includes six segments: raw materials, production operations, logistics, customer operations, use of products and end-of-life. the key point of the first three segments is to reduce impact on the environment during the production and operation process while the rest of the cycle aims to increase profit to our society.