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covestro is dedicated to responsible care® initiative

responsible care® is the chemical industry’s world-class environment, health, safety and security performance initiative. it is a unique initiative to improve health, environmental performance, enhance security, and to communicate with the stakeholders about the products and processes. being a sustainable company, covestro is firmly committed to achieving this.

covestro signed the responsible care beijing manifesto supported by the association of international chemical manufacturers (aicm) in shanghai in june, 2014. aicm has drawn up the responsible care beijing manifesto in 2008 as part of the members' efforts to work together toward common goals – to continuously improve the health, safety and environmental effects. being a member of aicm, covestro is fully dedicated to the manifesto.

in 2016, we extended our responsible care beyond the fence of chemical parks. in june, students and teachers from  9 universities in shanghai visited us at our polymer research and development center. during this event we shared cutting edging material innovations, the dynamics of the chemicals business, and career path opportunities for chemicals professionals. in july, 16 teenage journalists from shanghai discovered the magic of chemistry at our polymer research and development center, where they witnessed real-world examples of how chemistry is everywhere in our daily lives, and inspiring ideas about how chemistry can facilitate a smarter and brighter  greener future.