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covestro attaches great importance to being a good corporate citizen in all the countries in which it operates. in china, too, the company’s social commitment is based on the principles of sustainable development and the endeavor to reconcile people, planet and profit.
covestro is fully committed to the community

covestro actively supports education and scientific research projects. at tongji university in shanghai, for example, the company has sponsored a chair for intellectual property rights, a chair for sustainable development and has established the first collaboration between academia and industry in the field of eco-construction and materials, as well as sponsors a chair for the eco-construction academy.

covestro also broke new ground in china in the field of vocational training: in june 2002, the company concluded a ten-year agreement with the shanghai petrochemical academy (spa) to cooperate in the training of skilled chemical workers in shanghai.

since then, covestro has provided eur 1 million to set up a modern laboratory and build a pilot plant and a pipe assembly workshop. this is the first program for the chinese chemical industry to be based on the german dual education system. in 2012, we signed another 10 years agreement with spa for continued cooperation. so far, spa has been devoted to setting up the “covestro class” and has already trained more than 300 operators to covestro, counting for over 30 percent of all graduates who have got jobs at the covestro integrated site shanghai.

another example is the “good neighborhood project”. located close to ciss(covestro integrated site shanghai), zhelin school in fengxian district, one of the significant collaboration partners of “covestro good neighborhood project”, has been adhering to the principle of “people-oriented and quality-based” and focusing on the impetus of  scientific and environmental training on the quality education, with the willing to create a cultural, scientific and environmental schoolyard.