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our diverse and highly motivated workforce is at the heart of our company’s success. what unites thousands of colleagues across the globe is a commitment to our three values.

innovation and sustainability are the main pillars of our business – and we live this way beyond our r&d and sustainability departments. every one of our more than 15,600 colleagues has the opportunity to be an innovator within the scope of their daily work. we are courageously pushing the boundaries of what is possible to live up to our promise of making the world a brighter place. driven by this commitment, we all contribute to solutions for society’s biggest challenges. we tackle these challenges with our innovative materials and solutions and by constantly improving our products and processes. profiting society while driving towards zero impact on the planet is our vision for sustainability. to be innovative and sustainable at the same time, we have to offer our employees an inspiring work environment and a culture of professional development and personal growth. as a company, we can only advance if we enable our people to do so.

we focus on enabling and motivating them to develop their full potential. we aim to achieve this not only by creating a pleasant work environment and offering good work conditions, but also by operating with flexible structures, ensuring personal development and growth as well as recognizing and compensating in a transparent and competitive way.

we provide our employees with principles and guidance on how to push boundaries and meet our purpose and values in their specific function.

diversity at covestro

diversity and inclusion are integral parts of covestro’s global talent management strategy. we want to embrace personal characteristics, rediscover potentials, challenge existing preconceptions and engage in dialogue with all of our colleagues.

we see and leverage diversity as our strength. it is precisely because of our differences in terms of age, gender, origin, beliefs, orientations, and (dis-)abilities, that each one of us can make a unique contribution to our company’s success. this holds true for all the regions in which we act and for all levels of hierarchy.

the c³ values

to us, diversity also means going beyond traditional ways of acting and thinking. this mindset is reflected in covestro’s official corporate values. whether it concerns each one of us on a personal level or covestro as a whole: we always strive to be curious, courageous, and colourful. take a closer look at the c³ values of covestro.


we are proud of our past, but we are not defined by it. we are never comfortable with the status quo or with how we have always done things. our curiosity drives us to listen to our customers and suppliers and respond with creative and unexpected solutions. we are responsive to what is happening around us and believe that speed and flexibility will give us an advantage over our competitors. we are open to new ideas and hungry for progress.

curiosity is the engine that drives us.

we look towards the future and see opportunities where others see limitations. where others ask “why?”, we reply “why not?”. our courage permeates our entire business – from partnerships to business models. we stand on a foundation of knowledge and experience that allows us to act courageously and push the boundaries of innovation. we have courage and integrity: we do what is right, not just what is convenient.
we are colorful. we are optimistic and resourceful and use every color in our palette to create solutions that inspire our customers and partners. we believe diversity drives creativity and multiple viewpoints allow us to solve problems in innovative ways. we value strong customer, supplier and employee relationships and believe that humanity helps us to create a rainbow of opportunities.