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baycusan®c1004 new generation skin firming technology  • baycusan® c1010 new polymer for hair styling
baycusan®c1004 new generation skin firming technology  • baycusan® c1010 new polymer for hair styling

under the theme of "inventing beauty solutions for you", covestro presented at china international personal care and homecare ingredients (pchi) 2017 held in guangzhou during february 21 to 23. covestro (booth no.4f15), an innovative multi-functional polymer company, after the successful launching of anti-pollution (pm 2.5) skin care solution tailored for asia market, now announced the launch of new series of polymer raw materials for functional personal care products based on polyurethane (pu) technology. one of the new skin firming technology based on baycusan®c1004 (inci:pu-35) was awarded at pchi 2017 for technology innovation under the category of active raw material.

jane sum, global head of cosmetics at covestro, introduced that covestro is a high-tech polymer company with an innovation history of 80 years. in the field of personal care, we corporate with world's leading cosmetic brands and keep on exploring the new possibilities of pu filming technology for the next generation of beauty solutions. the pu filming technology is safe and suitable for sensitive skin. baycusan®, our star product, is a multifunctional raw material widely applicable to the development of products for skin care, color cosmetics, hair styling and sun care, offering a superior experience in both feel & touch and appearance.

young and energetic skin with new firming technology

affected by aging and the environment, the skin eventually loses its elasticity and even wrinkles, bothering many females that pursue beauty. therefore, how to delay skin aging and keep skin young and energetic has become one of the popular development areas for major brands in skin care. the main skin firming technology today is to restore the elasticity of the skin cell by adding active contents, e.g. collagen, plant polyphenol and hyaluronic acid, to prevent oxidation, repair damage and hydrate skin surface. it takes a longer period to take effects.

covestro comes up with a new development direction: with the application of baycusan®c1004 in the formulation of lifting and tightening skin care products, an invisible film forms on the skin surface in a short time and acts as a support, which helps the skin better regain elasticity. the pu film is invisible and of good breathability, film-forming property and stretchability. it can strengthen and maintain the firming effect by enabling the skin to remember the deformation. by simply applying the tightening products added with baycusan®c1004 for eyes or face skin, there will be an extremely thin barrier immediately formed up. the barrier clings to the skin well and makes the skin look young and energetic. this technology has won the award of technology innovation under active raw materials category at pchi 2017. covestro will continue to collaborate with personal care brands to bring this technology to the market.

"baycusan®c1004 skin firming technology can maintain skin form, plump up wrinkles and improve loose skin. combined with other active contents in tightening products, the invisible pu film can enable an immediate and long-term anti-aging effect." said xiong xiaohui, technical manager of cosmetics asia-pacific at covestro.

lasting hold, natural hair styling

these days, a trendy, fashionable hairstyle is a crucial element of a well-groomed appearance. styling should give hair a strong and lasting hold while maintaining a natural feel. although it may seem impossible to reconcile these two requirements, the development of the new hair styling polymer baycusan® c 1010 makes it a reality. baycusan® c 1010, the polyurethane dispersion, is used in waterborne hairstyling formulations such as waxes, lotions, creams and foams. the polymer forms a flexible and elastic film around the hair and protects it in any weather, without sticking. at the same time, it provides the hairstyle with lasting hold and can be combed out without leaving any residue. one of the most important criteria for asian hair, in particular, is that there is no flaking.

baycusan® c 1010 keeps your hair in place without affecting the look. the styling products leave your hair looking pleasantly natural. when the new polymer is used, the outstanding styling properties are retained even in very damp air or in a dry climate.

the standard method of checking the effect of moisture is to measure high humidity curl retention. the hair styling product with baycusan® c 1010 performs better at a standard relative humidity of 65% or even a relative humidity of 95% with an excellent capability to keep the hairstyle in place.

about covestro:

with 2016 sales of eur 11.9 billion, covestro is among the world’s largest polymer producers. business activities are focused on the manufacture of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. the main segments served are the automotive, electrical and electronics, construction and the sports and leisure industries. covestro has 30 production sites around the globe and as of december 31, 2016, employed approximately 15,600 people.

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