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covestro works with different academia on different perspectives. in shanghai, covestro and the elite tongji university are jointly running the covestro-tongji innovation academy, aiming to explore and promote innovative industry-academia cooperation which focuses on industrializing innovation outcomes in the areas of mobility and construction, as well as providing education and talent development programs in related fields.

the academy, established in 2011, is expanding its open innovation collaboration by focusing particularly on digitalization, enhancing ev battery performance, and deriving innovative materials to improve car interior air quality as well as exploring the chinese robotics industry.

moreover, covestro has set up an endowed chair in partnership with the unep-tongji institute of environment for sustainable development for sustainability-related research topics such as circular economy, urbanization and climate change.

our academia partnership goes beyond chemistry and materials. we also look for partnerships in fields such as data science, business schools and design institutes.


yearly meeting of covestro-tongji innovation academy